Video Program Plan

Following completion of a Quick Wins Analysis, your organization will need to know the specific details required to execute each program, including detailed risk assessment, budget, and  personnel assignment.  A Video Program Plan developed by an expert Liveclicker Strategist can show the way while ensuring each program is set up for success.

1.  Define program goals

The Liveclicker Strategist works with the Client to develop an agreed-upon definition of the program, including its scope and goals.  The Strategist meets one-on-one with internal stakeholders to create an inventory of program wants, needs, and perceived risks (red flags).  The results are shared and goals are plotted and adjusted as needed.  Preliminary program sponsors are identified to affirm internal support.

2.  Identify resources

The Strategist compiles an inventory of required resources, including staff and equipment, to be reviewed and confirmed by the client.  During this phase, overall resource requirements are checked against the organizational roadmap to inform timing around roll-out dates.  A budget is created for the program and shared with program sponsor(s).  Based on feedback, the budget is agreed to, additional resources are sought, or the scope of the program is revised.

3.  Review risks

Risks are identified jointly by the Liveclicker Strategist and the client.  Risks are discussed with internal stakeholders while mitigation strategies are implemented.

4.  Assign roles & tasks

Formal role definitions for those involved in the project are created and shared with each stakeholder.  The responsibilities are outlined and agreed to jointly by all program participants.  A formal schedule is drawn up for project completion outlining any dependencies and critical path.

5.  Share ongoing success processes

The execution-level processes are drafted and codified.  Industry best practices, lessons learned, and the Liveclicker Strategist’s expertise help guide the client so the program runs smoothly once implemented.