Quick Wins Analysis

When it comes to video, it can be confusing to know where to start.  Liveclicker’s Quick Wins Analysis will help your organization jump start, simplify, and streamline its video efforts by communicating which areas are most likely to succeed out-of-the-gates.

1.  Understand objectives

Video is only useful if it is employed to meet organizational objectives.  Competing priorities among different stakeholders easily result in missed opportunities and internal dissonance.  To uncover both organization-level objectives and department-level objectives and possible points of collaboration, the Liveclicker Strategist interviews each video program stakeholder.

2.  Identify opportunities

Next, the Liveclicker Strategist independently reviews the current video program in its entirety and develops a list of video projects and suggestions based on the state of the program.  Then, Liveclicker interviews your internal stakeholders to identify hot button video issues, ideas for programs, and current pain points.  A master inventory of opportunities is created for review with each stakeholder.

3.  Opportunity scoring

Stakeholders develop a score for each program opportunity based on expected return and ease of implementation, working in collaboration with the Liveclicker Strategist.  Liveclicker assists with straw man ROI analyses and provides suggestions based on past experiences and industry best practices.

4.  Initial results

The Liveclicker Strategist independently reviews the scores provided by each stakeholder and assembles an easy-to-understand opportunity matrix to be shared with internal staff.  The matrix plots each opportunity along vertical and horizontal axes to graphically illustrate the initial video quick wins.  Quick wins are those opportunities or programs that rank well both in the Expected Return and Ease of Implementation categories.

5. Establish consensus

All stakeholders come together on-site with the Liveclicker Strategist to review the identified quick wins and any critical outliers.  For example, one video program might score low on the Ease of Implementation axis, but further discussion with all stakeholders could reveal the program as critical to implement.  A successful outcome of the results discussion is consensus across stakeholders as to which programs to pursue initially or study further.  At the conclusion of the consensus phase, the client may choose to engage the Liveclicker Strategist to assist with Program Planning.