Past Webinars

To view your selected webinar, click below. Shares 4 Tips to Video Commerce Success

In this exclusive 30 minute webinar, video producer, Robert Reed, accompanied by Liveclicker’s director of marketing, Jen Fahey, will divulge his top 4 tips for video commerce success. Robert will also dive into his extensive industry experience and explore the challenges he faced when implementing video onto’s online store.

The Evolution of a Video Program

In this exclusive webinar Liveclicker’s resident eCommerce video expert, Kenna Hilburn, and Director of Marketing, Jen Fahey, explore best practices on how to manage and grow your video program over time. Whether you are just starting a video program, or you are looking for ways to optimize a mature program with hundreds of videos, you will learn what steps are necessary for your program to evolve and advance.

Integrating Video Into Your Omni-channel Retail Strategy

Join Liveclicker’s exclusive webinar to find out what types of videos work best in all of your marketing channels. Liveclicker’s VP Market Development, Justin Foster, and Director of Account Development, Ben Kopetti, will explain how to best integrate video into your omni-channel retail strategy.

5 Steps to Video Commerce Success

Watch Liveclicker’s exclusive webinar on to find out how to achieve maximum ROI with video: 5 Steps to Video Commerce Success. eBag’s Rob Cassidy and Liveclicker’s Justin Foster will explore 5 steps to create a successful video commerce strategy.

The Top 5 Video Reports Every e-Commerce Marketer Needs This Holiday Season

In this quick 30 minute webinar, video commerce expert, Ben Kopetti, will review 5 video commerce reports that provide the most insight into your videos for quick optimizing this holiday season. Conversion rates, video comparisons, A/B testing and more will be covered in this quick overview.

Full Steam Ahead: Growing Video in 2014

Join Liveclicker video commerce experts, Jen Fahey and Ben Kopetti, as we explore top performing videos and exceptional e-commerce examples from 2013 to help you plan for the growth of video in the year ahead.

Top 10 Takeaways from the 2013 Video Commerce Summit

Watch this recap webinar and join Liveclicker’s own video commerce expert, Justin Foster, to review the key takeaways presented by Zappos, GoPro, Advance Auto Parts, and more at the 2013 Video Commerce Summit.

Top 5 Video Commerce and Performance Expectations for a Flawless Holiday Season

E-commerce experts Simon Mutlu and Dan Franklin will share an overview of the general commerce landscape and current buyer expectations, along with technical expertise that will help you make the best buying decisions for optimal site performance and an excellent user experience.

Vitamin Shoppe & Talk e-Commerce Tools

Karen Hansen, Vitamin Shoppe’s Digital Product Manager, and Robert Reed,’s Video Producer will discuss the logic and evaluation process that went into the selections of two leading e-Commerce tools: social Q&A and video, and what results they delivered.

Video Production: Refining The Pre-Production Process

Kenna Hurd, Liveclicker’s account development and production specialist, and Kevin Edwards, Video Aptitude’s founder, will present best practices how to streamline your video production process. If you are looking for ways to make your in-house studio run smoother and more efficient, this webinar is not to be missed!

Video Production – Getting Started Producing and Acquiring Video Content

In this exclusive webinar, Kenna Hurd, Liveclicker’s account development and production specialist, and Kevin Edwards, Video Aptitude’s founder, will present best practices on how to get started with your video program.

Top 10 2012 Video Commerce Lessons

In this exclusive webinar, Liveclicker’s own video commerce expert, Justin Foster, will present the most important video commerce lessons learned in 2012.

Top 10 Holiday Video Marketing Trends

Learn about what tactics and tips you can use this holiday season to drive more shoppers to your stores with video. Justin Foster will share examples of holiday video marketing campaigns and identify the key factors of these campaigns that made them a successful or not.

Beyond the View — Making the Most of Video Analytics

Seth Brady, Director of User Experience & Conversion for Brookstone, shares a case study on how the company was able to increase video plays and prove the value of video with analytics.

Building Your Video Library – How to Streamline Content Creation

Video is a proven and effective way to engage shoppers, drive website traffic and increase conversions, but many brands and retailers are hesitant to expand efforts because of the time and budget it takes to build a video library. Join this exclusive Liveclicker webinar to learn some easy ways to create and acquire video content.

Best Practices & Tips for Boosting Video Commerce SEO

Discover what leading retailers are doing to optimize their video for SEO from the Founder and Publisher of ReelSEO, Mark Robertson.

Making the Most of Interactive Video and Video Commerce Analytics

Join this exclusive Liveclicker webinar to learn how leading retailers are using interactive video to create one-of-a-kind shopping experiences that both engage shoppers and increase conversions. Plus, discover how analytics help retailers fine tune their content to create more engaging and better performing videos.

Mobile Video Shopping – How to be Successful in 2012

Join this exclusive Liveclicker webinar to learn how leading retailers are integrating mobile and video to create one-of-a-kind shopping experiences that increase conversions both online and in store. Crutchfield’s Manager of Video Production and Special Projects, Tara Wisnewski, will present how the electronics retailer has optimized it’s video content for mobile shopping.

Retail Video Production A to Z

Join this exclusive Liveclicker webinar to learn how to create compelling product videos that turn shoppers into buyers.

Top 10 Video Commerce Predictions for 2012

Join this exclusive Liveclicker webinar to learn about the video trends most likely to impact e-commerce in 2012 so you can stay one step ahead of the game.

The New Social Video – How to Build Relationships with Shoppers Through Video

Featuring social video case studies from Val DuVernet, Sr. Manager of Online Content at Advance Auto Parts, and Jon Schrorder, Video Director for Crutchfield Electronics.

Mobile Video Commerce – Bridging The Gap Between Online and Offline

Featuring mobile video case studies from Scott Anderson, Director of e-Commerce at The Vitamin Shoppe, and Kevin McNall, Director of Web Design and Development at Brown Shoe Company.