Massively scale product video production

There is a reason product videos comprise over 90% of the average e-commerce site’s video library...product videos convert and increase revenue. Liveclicker created MobileStudio to address e-commerce sites' growing need for an easy way to produce and scale product videos. MobileStudio is a mobile app that allows Liveclicker clients to produce, edit, and publish professional quality e-commerce product videos quickly and easily directly from an iOS device.

All Liveclicker clients can download the MobileStudio app for their iPad or iPhone for free from the App Store. Not a Liveclicker client? Sign up for a MobileStudio demo today!

Create product videos with easy-to-use templates

Easily publish product videos

A built-in library of pre-customized video templates make publishing product videos a snap. Simple workflows prompt users to record small segments of video, with MobileStudio providing simple guidelines and best practices for lighting, posture, audio, and voice prompts.

MobileStudio does the work for you

As you produce your product videos, MobileStudio makes it easy to add clip transitions, pre-licensed music, and bumpers all with little to no video editing knowledge and no outside software.

End-to-end video commerce


Tight integration with the Liveclicker Video Commerce Solution allows MobileStudio users to publish and distribute their product videos directly from their iOS device. Finally, retailers can use a single vendor to capture, edit, publish, market, and monetize video content.

MobileStudio Example Videos

  • Logitech Wireless Keyboard
  • Logitech Wireless Keyboard

Recommended production tools & equipment to be used with MobileStudio:

  • Makayama Movie Mount for iPad 3 with Super Wide Video Lens (or similar mount for iPhone)
  • Omnidirectional Lavalier Condenser Microphone
  • Rode iXY Recording Microphone for iPhone/iPad
  • Dimmable LED Video Light

View a full list of recommended MobileStudio equipment here >>

How it all started...

Use your mobile device to produce video

While putting together some research for a webinar, one of Liveclicker's co-founders, Justin Foster, found some interesting data on product videos. After analyzing over 22,000 client videos across 12 different retail verticals, he discovered shorter and simpler product videos were regularly converting at a higher level than longer videos. He also noticed that product videos were making up the overwhelming majority of the clients' video libraries.

Armed with this information, he collaborated with Liveclicker's CTO and came up with the idea of creating an iOS app (Justin is a huge Apple fan boy) to help streamline simple product video production and publishing. In the end, Liveclicker was able to capitalize on Apple's HD cameras working in concert with simple off the shelf optics to create the MobileStudio app. Initial testing of MobileStudio resulted in the output of professional grade product videos in half the time it took using normal video production equipment and editing software. MobileStudio is designed to help e-commerce sites massively grow video libraries by focusing on the 90% of videos that drive revenue - short and simple product videos.

Designed to create videos that convert


Liveclicker research across over 20,000 client videos indicates that shoppers who watched short, simple product videos exhibited the following behaviors:

  • Converted into buyers 24.7% more often
  • Generated 14.1% more dollars for each video play
  • Purchased an item 15.1% more quickly after watching