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Client Testimonials


"Some of the positive benefits we have received from Liveclicker include increased conversions, increased customer satisfaction, reduced returns and more importantly a relationship with our members as they visit our site. Shoppers better understand our products, and can make informed and confident purchasing decisions resulting in an increase in sales."  

-Robb Walters, Costco


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Eastern Mountain Sports

"With one click you can distribute your videos to all of your marketing channels. Using Liveclicker we are able to publish our videos to our website, our video gallery, EMS channel, EMS YouTube channel, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites in one place. It is extremely advantageous for Eastern Mountain Sports to have a video platform where we can publish to different marketing channels from one single source."  

-Robert Moses, Eastern Mountain Sports

On Time Mall

"What I enjoy most about Liveclicker is the open communication that exists between the account manager and our team. If there is an implementation we would like to add to the platform, it simply takes a phone call and a conversation to make it happen. And most of the time, that particular improvement will be added to the list of services that Liveclicker provides. That communication level is one of the driving factors that led us to choose Liveclicker when shopping for video commerce platforms."  

-Remington Guliano, On Time Mall

"Liveclicker allows us to see how our product videos are performing with extensive video analytics. Average order value, engagement tracking, and conversion rates are just some of the metrics that help us understand which videos are performing and more effective than others. And if videos are not effective, Liveclicker helps us understand why not, so that we can make adjustments with step by step support from their account development team."  

-Robert Reed,


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"Because DHC doesn’t have a brick and mortar store, video hosting is an important element of engagement for our visitors. Using Liveclicker’s intuitive video solution, we are able to provide more information about our products and show details, like the texture. Skin care products are very personal, video allows us to connect with our customers and also allows customer’s to hear peer reviews of our products. Liveclicker helps make this connection by distributing our videos and making them available to the public."  

-Tia Kemp, DHC

"Liveclicker gives us the metrics and video data we need to see what works. They are extremely good at technical support and were instrumental in getting our video program where it is today. They are basically just a great partner with amazing people that work for them. Everyone that you come in contact with someone at Liveclicker it is just a fantastic experience."  

-Tom Santay,


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"Liveclicker has given us insight into how our videos are performing, and what kinds of things work and don’t work for our customers. With Liveclicker, we can expand beyond videos just on our website, and distribute easily to our other channel partners like social and mobile. Above all else, they are extremely responsive to our needs and requests..."  

-Seth Brady, Brookstone


Read the Brookstone case study here .

"Liveclicker has really brought our video program froward through their robust architecture, great technical expertise and coaching. They are constantly pushing their products and services forward and bringing us along with their evolution."  

-Rob Cassidy,


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"Liveclicker has been instrumental in providing uniformity and consistency in the way we distribute video on our website. They really provide a huge efficiency for us. What I like most is that the user interface is extremely easy to use, upload times are really fast, and their service is fantastic."  

-Kat Smith,

R2C Group

"We had a need to build a custom 'choose your own adventure' interactive video that could be seen in both flash and HTML5 as well as track video analytics. We chose Liveclicker to partner with, and not only did they listen to our needs, but were able to build an interactive video that was exactly what we were looking for."  

-Matthew Stroh, R2C Group

Under Armour

"Liveclicker keeps us organized with their dashboard and robust analytics. What I like most about Liveclicker is that their customer service is always there for us. Even with 3 hours difference they are always ready and willing to help us when we have a question."  

-Devon Alessi, Under Armour

Redcats USA

"Liveclicker helped us see a 15% increase in video play-throughs in our product detail videos across all of our sites."  

-Trice Commerford, Redcats USA