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Your competitive edge

  • Prove the value of your program
  • Track revenue per video, video conversion rates, average order size per video, and more
  • Track social interaction and engagement
  • Easily create A/B tests to find out which video thumbnails, banners, and other video call-to-actions generate the best playback
  • Compare your videos against site averages to discover the patterns of your best performing videos
VideoCommerce Analytics

SEO analysis

  • Track search sessions, domain referrals, and keyword searches driving traffic to video-enabled pages
  • Built-in SEO benchmarking
  • Automated suggestions to improve performance

Advanced analysis

  • Unlimited custom reports and drill-downs with Report Builder, the industry's most advanced eCommerce video analysis tool
  • Plot video performance by length, category, brand, and more... completely on-the-fly
VideoCommerce Analytics